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Fee Guide

Fees vary depending on the complexity of the work. Each patient is assessed individually and a specific treatment is devised. All fees and appointment requirements are discussed prior to commencement of treatment.

Initial consultation

In complex cases an investigative phase is usually needed and the cost of this range between
£300.00 - £900.00

This phase involves detailed investigations and includes a follow up discussion as well as a written treatment plan.

Restorative and Aesthesic

New Patient assessment £60.00
OPG x-ray with Instrumentarium machine £65.00
Small x-ray (digital) £20.00
Digital x-ray with Instrumentarium machine £25.00
Diagnostic models £162.00
C.T Scan/copy disc £150.00
C.T Scan analysis/planning £275.00
Halimeter (gaschromograph bad breath analysis) £175.00
Diagnodent laser tooth decay diagnosis £30.00
Tooth coloured fillings (Depending on complexity) £120.00 - £395.00
Edge bonding with composite under R/Dam (Depending on complexity) £147.50 - £500.00
Fissure sealants (Incl Rondoflex air abrasion) £65.00
Lithium disilicate ceramic crowns (Depending on complexity) £845.00 - £1200.00
Gold (depending on amount of gold used and complexity) £950.00 - £1200.00
Post and core £295.00
Core build up £245.00
Veneers £900.00 - £1600.00
High aesthetic crown £1800.00 - £2500.00
Full Vivadent /Ivoclar £2500.00
Partial acrylic £500.00 - £1400.00
Partial chrome cobalt £1200.00 - £1750.00
Valplast £650.00 - £1200.00
Home whitening £550.00
Thermodiffusion whitening £650.00
Whitening syringe £15.00
Colgate whitening syringe £30.00
Gumsheild (To include alginate impressions, stone model Laboratory cost and fitting)
Single thickness £75.00
Double thickness £95.00
Articulated professional £225.00
Michigan splint (incl laboratory cost) £950.00
Clenching/grinding inhibitor (incl laboratory cost) £600.00

Dental Hygiene

Oral health maintenance appointment £68.00
Child oral health education and Maintenance appointments £68.00
Hygienist visit £68.00


Consultation/assessment excl radiographs £60.00
CT scan/analysis/planning £375.00
Detailed treatment planning (for multiple units and full mouth rehabilitation) £300.00 - £900.00
Single implant (Excluding restoration/radiographs/temporisation) £1250.00
PRGF £550.00
Bone grafting with Bio-Oss £300.00
Bone grafting with Bio guide £300.00
Placement of Ossix membrane £300.00
2nd stage uncovering £275.00 - £375.00

Endodontics (root canal treatment)

Consultation £60.00
Incisor/canine £550.00
Pre molar £675.00
Molar £975.00
Single file use £36.00
Emergency root canal treatment £195.00

(Additional cost for endodontic files with regards to single use of instruments as advised by UK Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee (SEAC) May 2006)

Oral Surgery

Extractions depending on complexity £165.00
Atraumatic removal of tooth/root £450.00 - £595.00
Wisdom tooth (per tooth/ depending on complexity) £175.00 - £475.00
Apicectomy £845.00
Other services (biopsy/excision/cysts etc) POA
Sterile drapes,gowns,disposables £42.50
Removal of amalgam lesions on gum £650.50


Non-surgical therapy As per individual requirement
Complex therapy As per individual requirement
Periodontal Surgery As per individual requirement
Maintenance reviews £90.00

IV Sedation

Non-surgical therapy £250.00 - £350.00

Snoring/Sleep apnea

Suckdown diagnostic appliance £575.00
HEBST (Mandibular advancement appliance, made in Sweden) £1750.00


Emergency call out £200.00
Emergency treatment (as per estimate prior to treatment) £150.00 - £300.00
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